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Published: June 7th, 2017

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The Center for Addiction Research and Education supports many facets of research and educational opportunities for students and faculty at the University of Florida. Any donations to the Center is greatly appreciated. Please click this link to donate: UF Center for Addiction Research and Education.

Expanding the CARE funding with philanthropic donations will allow us to increase support of our research and education missions without sole dependence on NIH grant monies.  Your donation to the Center for Addiction Research and Education can be used in a number of ways:

  1. Graduate student and Postdoctoral fellow travel awards. These awards are given yearly, on a competitive basis, to outstanding CARE students to help support their travel either to national meetings to present their data, or to workshops/courses or “sabbatical” training in distant laboratories to enhance their graduate training. These travel awards are of substantial benefit to CARE since they allow our students to learn from and interact with top scientists from across the nation on their exciting work while also helping disseminate reports of the exciting research projects that are happening within our center.
  2. Monthly Invited Seminar Speakers. Our CARE seminar series meets monthly (generally the third Wednesday of each month) and strives to invite at least one nationally known addiction researcher per semester. Your donation could be used to support the costs associated with these important visits.  Besides providing the opportunity for CARE faculty and students to hear about exciting new research from top addiction scientists across the nation, these visits also increase the visibility of CARE faculty and their research to prospective peer reviewers for both submitted research manuscripts, individual research grant proposals and institutional center and training grant proposals.
  3. Annual CARE Addiction Symposium. Each spring, we invite two nationally recognized addiction researchers to speak at our CARE Addiction Symposium about a specific topic at the forefront of basic science and clinical research on addiction. CARE students, post-docs and faculty then share their research in an afternoon poster session which often generates new and exciting collaborative projects.  This past year, we have expanded our symposium to include other Florida schools with active addiction research programs such as FSU, UCF and USF.