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Published: June 7th, 2017

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Addiction represents a significant personal and public health threat. The University of Florida Center for Addiction Research & Education (CARE) is a vibrant group of faculty and trainees addressing critical issues related to the study and treatment of addiction.  Our primary mission is to provide a comprehensive interdisciplinary environment that allows for specialized research and education in the addiction sciences.

UF’s CARE has experienced tremendous growth in recent years. However, we cannot achieve our mission without financial support from individual and corporate donations. Philanthropic gifts are essential to fulfilling our mission to improve research and education efforts regarding this critical health threat. Please click this link to donate: UF Center for Addiction Research and Education.

Your contributions to UF’s Center for Addiction Research & Education Fund will support a range of programs, including:

  1. Graduate Student and Postdoctoral Trainee Travel Awards
  • Enables student to attend national meetings to present their data to other scientists
  • Facilitates student attendance at workshops/courses to learn cutting edge research techniques
  • Supports student travel to train in distant laboratories to interact with top national scientists
  1. CARE Seminar Series
  • A limited number of addiction science experts from outside UF are invited to lecture and meet with faculty and trainees
  • Increases the visibility of CARE faculty and their research and helps establish new national collaborations
  • Exposes UF investigators and trainees to cutting-edge developments in addiction sciences
  1. Annual CARE Addiction Symposium
  • Two nationally recognized addiction researchers are invited to speak at our annual symposium
  • At this event, CARE trainees and faculty share their research in a poster session, with the potential to generate new and exciting collaborative projects
  • We also invite active addiction researchers from other Florida universities to participate in the symposium
  1. Dissertation Awards
  • Supports outstanding trainees with promising dissertation projects to nurture exceptional training

Donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowable by law.

Click this link to donate: UF Center for Addiction Research and Education.