Linda Haddad, Ph.D.

Contact Information

Associate Professor College of Nursing, University of Florida
1225 Center Drive, Gainesville, FL 32610
Phone 352-273-6520


Associate Professor, Department of family community and health system sciences, College of Nursing

Associate dean for Academic Affairs College of Nursing

Research Area

Dr. Haddad has been studying, smoking and tobacco control regarding Arab-American youth and young adults since 1999. Specifically, her research focuses on the predictors and barriers of tobacco smoking behavior and the development of effective interventions to increase cessation rates among Arab American and under-served populations.


1993 – Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Nursing, University of Maryland, Baltimore, Maryland.
1988 – Masters of Nursing Science (MSN), University of Pennsylvania. Major: Community Health Nursing: Public Health
1985 – Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), Jordan University, Amman, Jordan.

Recent Publications

Guidry J, Jin Y, Haddad L, Smith, J, Zhang Y, (2015) How Health Risks Are Pinpointed (or Not) on Social Media: The Portrayal of Waterpipe Smoking on Pinterest, Health Communication Journal: In press*

El-Shahawy O, Haddad L,(2015) Correlation between Nicotine Dependence and Barriers to Cessation among Exclusive Cigarette Smokers and Dual (Water-pipe) Smokers among Arab Americans, Substance Abuse and Rehabilitation, 6:25-35 *

Haddad L, El-Shahawy O, Ghadban, R. (2014) Comparison of barriers to cessation among Arab American smokers of cigarettes and waterpipe, Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health, 11(9), 9522-9531*

Alzyoud S, Haddad L, Ell Shahawy O, Ghadban R, Kheirallah K, Alhawamdeh K, Jin Y. (2014), Patterns of Waterpipe Use among Arab Immigrants in the USA: A Pilot Study, British Journal of Medicine and Medical research, 4(3): 816-827*

Alzyoud S, Weglicki L, Kheirallah K, Haddad L, Alhawamdeh K. (2013) Waterpipe Smoking among a Sample of Jordanian Youth: Patterns and Predictors. Int. Jl. Environ. Res. Public Health, 3 (10)*

Haddad L., Abu Baker N., El-Shahawy O., Al Ali N., Shudayfat T. (2013) Secondhand smoke exposure of young adults in a developing country- a Jordanian case. Substance Abuse and Rehabilitation, 4: 45-53*

Haddad L. & Corcoran J. (2013) Culturally Tailored Smoking Cessation for Arab American Male Smokers in Community Settings: A Pilot Study, Tobacco use insight, 6- 17-23*

Haddad L., El Shahawy, O., Shishani K., Madnat H., Alzyoud S. (2012) Cigarette use attitudes and effects of acculturation among Arab immigrants in USA: a preliminary study. Health. 4(10):785-793.*