CARE Seminar Series

CARE seminars will be held from 3:00-4:00 PM in Communicore Room C1-3

(unless otherwise noted)


CARE seminars will begin at 3:00 p.m. in Communicore Room C1-3 (unless otherwise noted)

Upcoming CARE Seminars:

  • Wednesday, August 22 – Undergraduate Summer Research Presentations, 3:00pm, Room: Communicore C1-9
      DREADDs work! A pilot study investigating the role of inhibiting the PFC-NAC pathway in cocaine-induced locomotion
    • ANDRES MENDOZA: Leeman Lab
      Outcomes associated with Individual and Co-use of Cannabis and Opioids within NESARC
    • SAM SOWELL: Peris Lab
      Effects of binge ethanol intake on conditioned social preference in male and female mice
    • JAIME CARDASCIA: Yurasek Lab
      Driving After Marijuana Use Among College Students
    • YUMA ORTIZ: McMahon Lab
      Pharmacological Characterization of Mitragynine, the Primary Constituent in Kratom, as a Potential Medication for Opioid Dependence
    • ANGELA GRIMBERG: Leeman Lab
      Relationships between Facets of Impulsivity and Subjective Response with Ramifications for Alcohol Outcomes
    • ANDREW FIORE: Cook Lab
      Requested compensation to cease marijuana or alcohol use for medical research
  • September 19th – Dr. Ali Yurasek New Physics Building 1002)
  • October 17th – Dr. Jeff Boissoneault (Communicore C1-9)
  • November 21st – No seminar this month (Thanksgiving Holiday)
  • December 12th – Holiday Party (Yon Hall North Conference Room)
  • January 16th – External Department of Pharmacodynamics Hosted Speaker – Dr. Larry Toll (Florida Atlantic University); Room C1-3
  • February 20th – External Speaker Applied Behavior Scientist – Dr. Nancy Barnett (Brown University); Room C1-3
  • March 11th – Luttge Lecture – Dr. George Koop; Room: DeWeese Auditorium
  • April 15th – CARE Symposium Event Drs. Brigitte Kieffer & R. Kathryn McHugh (April 15, 2019 – Mark Your Calendars!); Deweese Auditorium
  • symposium 2019
  • May 15th – Dr. Patrick Mulholland; Room C1-11
  • June 12th – Graduate Student Pre-Meeting Datablitz (Travel Award Winners); Room C1-3