UF CARE Reaching Our National Audience: CPA 2019, Providence, RI, April 4-6

UF CARE and the UF Departments of Psychiatry, Health Education & Behavior, and Epidemiology serve as co-sponsors for the Annual National meeting of the Society of Addiction Psychology: Collaborative Perspectives on Addiction (CPA) in Providence, RI, April 4-6, disseminating information concerning UF’s addiction science and education programs. The annual meeting, co-founded by UF CARE Director, Sara Jo Nixon, offers exceptional opportunities for establishing networks, sharing science, and earning CE credits. Looking forward to CPA 2020 in San Diego!

UF CARE Members Dr. Robert Leeman, Dr. Ben Lewis, Christian Garcia, Julianne Price, Neo Gebru, Bonnie Rowland, Dr. Ali Yurasek (Left to Right) (Photo provided by Dr. Leeman)
UF CPA Table Photo
UF CARE Members Dr. Ben Lewis, Erin Ferguson, Nick Bush, Dr. Jeff Boissoneault, Bonnie Rowland, Dr. Robert Leeman, Christian Garcia, Julianne Price, Neo Gebru (Left to Right, Back to Front) (Photo provided by Dr. Leeman)
CPA Travel Awardees, including UF CARE Affiliate members Neo Gebru & Christian Garcia (2nd and 3rd from the Right) with Dr. Ali Yurasek (Right) (Photo provided by Christian Garcia)

Neo Gebru Poster CPA 2019
UF CARE Affiliate Member Neo Gebru presenting his poster at CPA 2019 (Photo provided by Neo Gebru)

UF CARE Affiliate Member Christian Garcia with his poster at CPA 2019 (Photo provided by Christian Garcia)


UF CARE CPA Attendees, including Angela Grimberg, Denis Schulz, Bonnie Rowland, Dr. Ali Yurasek, Tessa Frohe, Ben Berey, Neo Gebru, Dr. Robert Leeman, and Christian Garcia (Photo provided by Dr. Leeman)

UF CARE Affiliate Member Neo Gebru and UF CARE Member Dr. Robert Leeman (Photo provided by Dr. Leeman)

Garcia & Gebru
Christian Garcia & Neo Gebru (Left to Right), UF CARE Affiliate Members, received travel awards.


Yurasek Gebru CPA 2019
UF CARE Member Dr. Ali Yurasek and Affiliate Member Neo Gebru at CPA 2019 (Photo provided by Neo Gebru)
UF CARE Member Dr. Ben Lewis and Affiliate Member Julianne Price tabling at CPA 2019 (Left to Right)