Dr. Adriaan Bruijnzeel receives new R01 from National Institute on Drug Abuse

Adrie Bruijnzeel, Ph. D.

UF CARE Member Adriaan Bruinzeel, Ph.D. has received an R01 award from the National Institute on Drug Abuse titled “Crosstalk Between Dopamine and Glucocorticoids in High Levels of Nicotine Intake and Anhedonia in Rats.”

“Tobacco is highly addictive and even when using smoking cessation drugs the relapse rate is very high. The goal of our studies to provide new insight into the neurobiological mechanisms that lead to a high level of smoking and the depressive-like state associated with smoking cessation. If successful, these studies may lead to new smoking cessation aids that diminish withdrawal and decrease the risk for relapse.” – Public Health Relevance Statement from NIH RePORT

Read more at the Department of Psychiatry website.