Ali Yurasek, Ph.D.

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Contact Information

College of Health and Human Performance
Department of Health Education and Behavior
FLG 14, P.O. Box 118210
Gainesville, FL 32611-8210
Phone: (352) 294-1814
Research Office: Yon Hall, Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, Room 24
Phone: (352) 294-1065


Assistant Professor, Department of Health Education and Behavior, College of Health and Human Performance


BA/MA, Marietta College
Ph.D, University of Memphis
Postdoc, Brown University, Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies (Primary Mentors – Drs. Anthony Spirito & Brian Borsari)

Current Research

Dr. Yurasek’s primary research interest is using behavioral economic theory to identify risk factors for substance misuse and poor response to treatment, as well as examining marijuana use amid the changing legal climate. Dr. Yurasek’s program of research focuses on the development and evaluation of brief motivational interventions for marijuana and alcohol use in a variety of populations and examining behavioral economic concepts as mechanisms of change. She also uses behavioral economic theory to identify risk factors for substance use severity and poor response to treatment and to enhance traditional treatment efforts. Dr. Yurasek’s research intends to increase treatment access, engagement, and implementation for at-risk youth in community settings. In addition to her treatment development and evaluation work, Dr. Yurasek is interested in examining marijuana use amidst policy changes, particularly the implications of medical and recreational legalization on adolescent use.


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