Jane V. Aldrich, Ph.D.

Contact Information

Dr. Jane V. Aldrich
Department of Medicinal Chemistry
University of Florida College of Pharmacy
P.O. Box 100485
Gainesville, FL 32610-0485
Phone: (352) 273-8708
FAX: (352) 392-9455
E-mail: janealdrich@ufl.edu


Professor, Department of Medicinal Chemistry, University of Florida College of Pharmacy, Gainesville, FL

Research Area

The medicinal chemistry of opioid peptides.


B.S., Michigan State University, Department of Biochemistry
Ph.D., University of Michigan, Interdepartmental Program in Medicinal Chemistry. Thesis Advisor: Dr. Raymond E. Counsell.
Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of Minnesota, Medicinal Chemistry. Advisor: Dr. Philip S. Portoghese.

Current Research

Dr. Aldrich’s research focuses on the medicinal chemistry of opioid peptides and involves the design, synthesis and evaluation of peptide and peptidomimetic ligands for opioid receptors, particularly ligands for kappa opioid receptors. Her recent research has focused on novel macrocyclic tetrapeptides with opioid activity that are active in the brain after oral administration. As part of this research, her lab is exploring how structure affects the distribution of the compounds, including their ability to cross biological barriers, and examining metabolism to guide the preparation of additional analogs. They are also performing in vivo pharmacokinetic analysis of key compounds in the series.

Recent Publications

Michael J. Ferracane and Jane V. Aldrich, “Opioid Ligand Binding to Opioid Receptors: Insight and Implications for Peptide Design,” Peptides 2015; Proceedings of the 24th American Peptide Symposium, Ved Srivastava, Andrei Yudin and Michal Lebl, Eds., American Peptide Society, 2015, pp 22-23.

Tatyana Yakovleva and Jane V. Aldrich, “Optimizing a Larger Scale Synthesis of Zyklophin, a Highly Selective Peptide Kappa Opioid Receptor Antagonist,” Proceedings of the 24th American Peptide Symposium, Ved Srivastava, Andrei Yudin and Michal Lebl, Eds., American Peptide Society, 2015, pp 283-285.

J. V. Aldrich, S. N. Senadheera, N. C. Ross, K.A. Reilley, M. L. Ganno, S. E. Eans, T. F. Murray, and J. P. McLaughlin, “Alanine Analogs of [D-Trp]CJ-15,208: Novel Opioid Activity Profiles and Prevention of Drug- and Stress-Induced Reinstatement of Cocaine-Seeking Behavior,” Br. J. Pharmacol. 2014, 171, 3212-3222.

Shainnel O. Eans, Michelle L. Ganno, Kate J. Reilley, Kshitij A. Patkar, Sanjeewa N.Senadheera, Jane V. Aldrich and Jay P. McLaughlin, “The macrocyclic tetrapeptide [D-Trp]CJ-15,208 produces short acting  opioid receptor antagonism in the CNS after oral administration,” Br. J. Pharmacol. 2013, 169, 426-436.

Yan Zhou, Francesco Leri, Stephanie Grella, Jane V. Aldrich, and Mary Jeanne Kreek, “Involvement of dynorphin and kappa opioid receptor in stress-induced reinstatement of heroin seeking in rats,” Synapse 2013, 67, 358-361.