JeeWon Cheong, Ph.D.


Contact Information

Dr. JeeWon Cheong
Florida Gym #19, P.O. Box 118210
Gainesville, FL 32611
Phone: 352-294-1811 (Florida Gym)
352-294-1097 (Yon Hall)
Website: Department of Health Education & Behavior Profile


Associate Professor, Department of Health Education and Behavior, College of Health and Human Performance

Research Area

Substance use/misuse among adolescents and adults, mediation analysis, and statistical methods applied to health promotion research.


B.A., Seoul National University, Seoul, South Korea
M.A., Seoul National University, Seoul, South Korea
Ph.D., Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona

Current Research

Dr. Cheong’s research focuses on substance use, particularly alcohol use among adolescents and adults, with an emphasis on identifying predictors of longitudinal drinking patterns. Currently, she is involved in applied behavioral economic studies examining process of recovery from problem drinking among adults who quit or reduce drinking on their own. Dr. Cheong’s research in mediation analysis involves modeling and testing mediating mechanisms under various design features, such as longitudinal studies, multilevel data structure, and non-normal data. Her current project investigates statistical performance of methods for testing mediation for semi-continuous outcomes, where there are a substantial number of zero responses (e.g., non-use of substance) as commonly seen in health research.

Recent Publications

  • Tucker, J. A., Cheong, J., Chandler, S. D., Lambert, B. H., Kwok, H., & Pietrzak, B. (2016).  Behavioral economic indicators of drinking problem severity and initial outcomes among problem drinkers attempting natural recovery: A cross-sectional naturalistic study. Addiction, 111, 1956 – 1965.
  • Dermody, S., Marshal, M. P., Cheong, J., Chung, T., Stepp, S., & Hipwell, A. (2016). Adolescent sexual minority girls are at elevated risk for use of multiple substances. Substance Use & Misuse, 51, 574-585.
  • Cheong, J., Tucker, J. A., Simpson, C. A., & Chandler, S. D. (2014). Time horizons and substance use among African American youths living in disadvantaged urban areas. Addictive Behaviors, 39, 818-823.
  • Dermody, S. S., Marshal, M. P., Cheong, J., Burton, C., Hughes, T., Aranda, F., & Friedman, M. S. (2014). Longitudinal disparities of hazardous drinking between sexual minority and heterosexual individuals from adolescence to young adulthood. Journal of Youth and Adolescence. 43 (1), 30-39.
  • Walther, C. A. P., Cheong, J., Molina, B. S. G., Pelham, W. E., Wymbs, B. T., Belendiuk, K. A., & Pedersen, S. L., (2012). Substance Use and Delinquency among Adolescents with Childhood ADHD: The Protective Role of Parenting. Psychology of Addictive Behaviors, 26 (3), 585-598.
  • Cheong, J. (2011). Accuracy of estimates and statistical power for testing mediation in latent growth modeling. Structural Equation Modeling, 18, 195-211.