Neil E. Rowland, Ph.D.


Contact Information

Dr. Neil Rowland
Department of Psychology
University of Florida
Gainesville, FL 32611-2250
Telephone: (352) 273-2178
Websites: Department of Psychology Profile
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Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Florida


B.Sc.(Hons) Chemistry, University College London
M.Phil. Organic Chemistry, University College London
M.Sc. Experimental Psychology, Sussex University
Ph.D. Physiol. Psychology, University of London

Research Interests

Dr. Rowland’s principal line of research involves the physiological and environmental variables that affect food intake and may produce obesity. Using a mouse model, his work focuses on economic factors by varying the cost of access to food, when food is available, and the effect of voluntary exercise. Using genetically obese mice, or mice made obese by a high fat diet, they are able to examine the effectiveness of different weight loss regimens. Using serotonergic receptor subtype-specific drugs they are assessing the short and long-term efficacy of anorectics in structured feeding environments.
Some aspects of food intake are similar to addiction. Therefore, additional studies in his lab are investigating alcohol or nicotine intake, in rats, and their interaction with food consumption. For the alcohol work, they developed a novel gelatin-based alcohol matrix that allows simultaneous manipulation of carbohydrate calories, and operant delivery. For nicotine, rats either self-administer intravenously or receive nicotine infusions, in extended access protocols with patterns that emulates the pattern of smoking by typical heavy smokers.

Recent Publications

D. Atalayer, K.L. Robertson, C. Haskell-Luevano, A. Andreasen, & N.E. Rowland. Food demand and meal size in mice with single or combined disruption of melanocortin type 3 and 4 receptors. American Journal of Physiology Regulat Integ Comp Physiol 298: R1667-1674, 2010.

N.E. Rowland, J.W. Schaub, K.L. Robertson, A. Andreasen, C. Haskell-Luevano. Effect of MTII on food intake and brain c-fos in melanocortin-3, melanocortin-4, and double MC3 and MC4 receptor knockout mice. Peptides 31: 2314-2317, 2010.

A. Mitra, E.M.Crump, K.L.Robertson & N.E.Rowland. Effect of high fat diet on stress responsiveness in borderline hypertensive rats. Stress 14: 42-52, 2011.

D. Atalayer & N.E. Rowland. Comparison of voluntary and foraging running wheel activity on food demand in mice. Physiology and Behavior 102: 22-29. 2011.

N.E. Rowland. Models of overeating and other eating disorders in animals. Invited chapter in Psychiatric Disorders: Methods and Protocols (ed F.Kobeissy) Springer/Humana (in press)

D. Atalayer & N.E. Rowland. Effort and food demand. In: Progress in Economics Research, vol.21 (chap 8), ed. T.L.Wouters, Nova Science Publishers (e-publication), 2011.