NIAAA Director, Dr. George Koob visits UF CARE

Drs. Linda Cottler, George Koob, and Sara Jo Nixon
(From left) Dr. Linda Cottler, Associate Dean for Research, Dr. George Koob, Director of NIAAA, and Dr. Sara Jo Nixon, Director of UF CARE

NIAAA Director Dr. George Koob served as the 7th Annual Luttge Lecturer.  During his recent visit, Dr. Koob met with UF CARE scientists from across the UF campus, conducting small group meetings with representatives from each of our research domains, including all 6 participating UF Colleges. His enthusiasm for our diversity was palpable. He was particularly impressed with the fact that UF CARE involved investigators and their trainees regardless of their funding source, whether they conducted basic or applied science, and regardless of the substance or comorbidity under study. We look forward to leveraging this exciting collaborative diversity in expanded research initiatives and through greater service to UF and our larger community  Please check out the link for more detail about Dr. Koob’s visit.

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