As awareness of the Center has grown, so have requests for our sponsorship or co-sponsorship of speakers. To ensure that the process is handled with transparency and that outcomes reflect the diversity of our center, we are asking that nominators complete a nominator form. It will be forwarded to the Seminar Speaker Committee and ultimately the Center Leadership for review. As the nominator, you are expected to serve as the primary host, creating an appropriate itinerary and working with the Speaker Committee to promote the talk, etc. Please remember that successful nominees must not only be exceptional scientists, but also be talented communicators with a strong interest in meeting with trainees and junior faculty.

To secure appropriate speakers, we anticipate issuing invitations between 6 and 12 months prior to the speaking date.

Please click on this link to access the nominator form and enter your information, as the Nominator, followed by information about the outside speaker Nominee. NOMINATOR FORM

Thanks for your help so we can continue to bring in outstanding speakers for the center!


CARE seminars will begin at 3:00 p.m. in Communicore Room C1-3 (unless otherwise noted)

Upcoming CARE Seminars:

  • Wednesday, August 22 – Undergraduate Summer Research Presentations, 3:00pm, Room: Communicore C1-9
      DREADDs work! A pilot study investigating the role of inhibiting the PFC-NAC pathway in cocaine-induced locomotion
    • ANDRES MENDOZA: Leeman Lab
      Outcomes associated with Individual and Co-use of Cannabis and Opioids within NESARC
    • SAM SOWELL: Peris Lab
      Effects of binge ethanol intake on conditioned social preference in male and female mice
    • JAIME CARDASCIA: Yurasek Lab
      Driving After Marijuana Use Among College Students
    • YUMA ORTIZ: McMahon Lab
      Pharmacological Characterization of Mitragynine, the Primary Constituent in Kratom, as a Potential Medication for Opioid Dependence
    • ANGELA GRIMBERG: Leeman Lab
      Relationships between Facets of Impulsivity and Subjective Response with Ramifications for Alcohol Outcomes
    • ANDREW FIORE: Cook Lab
      Requested compensation to cease marijuana or alcohol use for medical research
  • September 19th – Dr. Ali Yurasek (location TBA)
  • October 17th – Dr. Jeff Boissoneault (Communicore C1-9)
  • November 21st – No seminar this month (Thanksgiving Holiday)
  • December 12th – Holiday Party (Yon Hall North Conference Room)
  • January 16th – External Department of Pharmacodynamics Hosted Speaker – Dr. Larry Toll (Florida Atlantic University); Room C1-3
  • February 20th – External Speaker Applied Behavior Scientist – Dr. Nancy Barnett (Brown University); Room C1-3
  • March 11th – Luttge Lecture – Dr. George Koob; Room: DeWeese Auditorium, Noon – 1:15pm
  • April 15th – CARE Symposium Event Drs. Brigitte Kieffer & R. Kathryn McHugh (April 15, 2019 – Mark Your Calendars!); DeWeese Auditorium
  • May 15th – Dr. Patrick Mullholland; Room C1-11
  • June 12th – Graduate Student Pre-Meeting Datablitz (Travel Award Winners); Room C1-3

Training Programs

University of Florida Substance Abuse Training Center in Public Health (NIDA T32)

Translational Science Training to Reduce the Impact of Alcohol on HIV Infection (NIAAA T32)

Training Certificate

Department of Psychiatry Online Graduate Certificate in Addiction and Recovery

The UF online addiction certificate is designed and taught by experts within the Addiction Division of the UF Department of Psychiatry, one of the largest addiction research, training, treatment and education programs nationally.

Coursework in Health Education & Behavior

HSC 5142: Drug Education – 3 Credits

Social, behavioral, environmental, and historical perspectives on substance abuse; content, issues, and instructional strategies appropriate for health education regarding alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs in school and community settings.
2018-2019 Graduate Catalog

More information about degree programs and other courses available at the Department of Health Education & Behavior.