Liana S. E. Hone, MS, MPH, PhD


LIana Hone, Ph.D.Contact Information

Dr. Liana S. E. Hone
Department of Health Education & Behavior
University of Florida College of Health & Human Performance
Florida Gym 126
P.O. Box 118210
Gainesville, FL 32611-8210
(352) 294-1801 |
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Assistant Professor, Department of Health Education & Behavior, University of Florida College of Health & Human Performance

Research Area

Dr. Hone’s current research interests include characterizing the role of drinking venues in sexual aggression, specifically examining (1) how alcohol and cannabis use in high-risk drinking venues contribute to sexual aggression perpetration, as well as (2) which dispositional characteristics (e.g., sociosexuality—attitudes, behaviors, and desires related to casual sex) predispose certain individuals to frequent these venues, and (3) which contextual characteristics of these venues make them particularly risky. Her aim is to identify novel individual- and environmental-level targets for sexual aggression prevention. In service of this aim, Dr. Hone’s recently completed NIH-funded alcohol administration study was designed to test alcohol’s effects on antecedents of sexual aggression, and she is interested in improving the generalizability of these studies. Dr. Hone is also interested in the application of evolutionary theory to examining sex differences in binge drinking, alcohol-related cognitive deficits, and alcohol-related regretted sex, in line with NIH’s directive to consider sex as a biological variable. Dr. Hone’s other research interests span predictors of sexual morality and mHealth interventions for substance use and risky sexual behavior.

Before joining the University of Florida, Dr. Hone was a Research Assistant Professor of Psychology affiliated with the Research Institute on Addictions at the University at Buffalo, where she received her MPH with a focus on Strategies for Eliminating Health Inequities. Prior to joining RIA, she was a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Missouri – Columbia, affiliated with the Alcohol Health and Behavior Lab and the Social Cognitive and Addiction Neuroscience Lab. She received her MS and PhD with an Emphasis in Evolution and Human Behavior from the University of Miami’s Health Division of Psychology. She received her BA in Physical Anthropology from the University of California – Santa Barbara, where she worked at the Center of Evolutionary Psychology.


BA in Physical Antrhopology with a History Minor, University of California Santa Barbara (2009)
MS in Psychology, University of Miami (2012)
PhD in Psychology, Univeristy of Miami (2015)
Postdoctoral Fellowship in Psychology of Alcohol Use and Dependence, Univeristy of Missouri (2015-2017)
NIH F32 & T32 Postdoctoral Fellowship in Alcohol Etiology and Treatment, Univerity at Buffalo (2017-2020)
MPH with a Micro-Credential in Strategies for Eliminating Health Inequities, Univeristy at Buffalo (2020)

Recent Publications

  • Hone, L.S.E., Testa, M. & Wang, W. (2020). Sociosexuality and sex with new partners: Indirect effects via drinking at parties and bars. Journal of Studies on Alcohol & Drugs, 81(5), 624-630.
  • Hone, L.S.E., Scofield, J.E., Bartholow, B.D., & Geary, D.C. (2020). Frequency of recent binge drinking is associated with sex-specific cognitive deficits: Evidence for condition-dependent trait expression in humans. Evolutionary Psychology, 18(4).
  • Hone, L.S.E. – McCauley, T.G., Pedersen, E.J. Carter, E. C. & McCullough, M.E. (2020). The sex premium in religiously motivated moral judgment. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. [First authors contributed equally].
  • Testa M. & Hone, L.S.E. (2019). Sociosexuality and hookup intentions predict drinking frequency among first year college women. Psychology of Addictive Behaviors, 33(7), 644–648.
  • Aung, T., Hughes, S., Hone, L.S.E., & Puts, D. (2019). Operational sex ratio predicts binge drinking across United States counties. Evolutionary Psychology, 17(3).
  • Cleveland, M., Testa, M., & Hone, L.S.E. (2019). Examining the role of drinking venues and sociosexuality in college men’s sexual aggression. Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, 80(2), 177–185. [Received designation of Top Cited 2019].
  • Hone, L.S.E., Bartholow, B.D., Piasecki, T.M., & Sher, K.J. (2017). Women’s alcohol sensitivity predicts alcohol-related regretted sex. Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, 41(9), 1630-1636. [Received designation of Articles of Public Interest].
  • Hone, L.S.E. & McCullough, M.E. (2015). Sexually selected sex differences in competitiveness explain sex differences in changes in drinking game participation. Evolutionary Psychology, 13(2), 397-410.
  • Hone, L.S.E., Carter, E.C., & McCullough, M.E. (2013). Drinking games as a venue for sexual competition. Evolutionary Psychology, 11(4), 889-906.